Principles of Co-Curricular Recognition

The following principles are common to all Co-Curricular Recognition Frameworks or Programs at the subscribed Australian and New Zealand Higher Education institutions:

  1. Recognised activities are non-credit bearing, that is, they do not fulfil a formal degree requirement. In order to be recognised, co-curricular activities are focused on student’s development beyond the curriculum;
  2. Recognised activities make a significant contribution to student learning in terms of their personal development, employability skills, as well as their community and global engagement;
  3. Recognised activities may include paid and/or volunteer activities that demonstrate a significant contribution to student learning;
  4. Reflection is embedded in the programs to increase students’ ability to articulate the learnings from their co-curricular engagement and identify opportunities for future development;
  5. Students are provided formal endorsement from the respective university of their involvement through the provision of a transcript or record, award or digital badges.